Upstream Engineering Services

EAST-WEST ENERGY INTERNATIONAL, our sister company, is primarily engaged in upstream engineering and management consulting serving energy and oil/gas companies. We are also involved in supply of technical goods and equipment and provide top class consultants as may be required by Clients. We work in association with many equipment manufacturing companies, supply houses and construction companies to provide services to multidisciplinary projects.

Consultancy Services: Techno-economic feasibility studies for oil, gas and other energy related projects. Management, technical, legal and administrative services operating onshore or offshore oil/gas fields.  Economic evaluation of projects considering local cost of development of oil/gas field in a region or any major EPC contract in the energy sector.

Production Engineering: Well completion design, production optimization by nodal anlysis, selection of artificial lift technology. Gas processing, well stimulations, material selection specially for sour services, production accounting, disposal of produced formation water, trouble shooting of production problems like sand ingression, paraffination, hyrdate formation, corrosion etc, diagnose declining production of producing well and suggest remedial measures.

Reservoir Engineering:  Reserve evaluation, BHP analysis, evaluation of secondary recovery techniques, log evaluations, reservoir simulation. Advise best reservoir management practices for maximum reserve recovery; recommend secondary recovery or tertiary recovery methods to maximize the asset values.

Drilling Engineering: Best drilling practices based on local conditions, equipment availability, cost and production needs. Prepare work over and well service programs

Facilities Engineering: Design of onshore and off shore production facilities for sweet and sour services like: process facilities, pipelines, gas compression stations, power plants, etc.

Geological & Geophysical Work: Geological and geophysical services for seismic survey interpretation, geological studies for identification of hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs, define reservoir parameters and boundaries and any other work as per clients’ need.

Environmental Studies: Provide environmental studies for any onshore and offshore oil/gas project and also to any other industrial project. Assist companies in training local environmental rules and regulations, especially in South East Asia.

International Trading: Company represents various industrial product manufacturing companies and supply houses of repute and can provide industrial goods and products in very competitive prices and within tight project schedules.

Joint Venture / International Collaboration: Indian Oil Tanking Limited, JV of Oil Tanking GMBH and Indian Oil, a Fortune 500 company.




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